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Albert A. Bartlett Papers

Identifier: GLMS-0103
Abstract: During the early years of his college career, 1941-1942, Albert A. Bartlett obtained summer employment on the Great Lakes iron ore freighters PONTIAC and PETER WHITE. During this time Bartlett photographed his fellow crew members performing routine duties and later arranged 208 of his photos in a captioned scrapbook, a copy of which is presented here. Bartlett's photographs record the daily events of vessel life, capturing crew and officers at work and play. The collection also includes 7...
Dates: 1940-1945, 1950, 1975, 1992, 2006-2009

Alberta M. Fraley Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0043
Scope and Contents: The Fraley collection offers three types of information to researchers interested in the history of the Great Lakes region. Fleet logs for the Great Lakes Steamship Company and the Wilson Marine Transit Company provide lists of officers for these companies serving on their vessels. Names, positions held, vessel assignments, dates of employment and performance evaluations are included for 1937-1966.Another resource for examination in this one cubic foot collection is a series of...
Dates: 1937-1975

Alice Haas Schultz Marblehead Photograph Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0048

The focus of this collection of photographs and printed items is the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Marblehead, Ottawa County, OH on Lake Erie. Few items are dated, but they fall in the period from c. 1905-1930. In the collection are 163 black and white photographs and three printed items.

Dates: 1905-1930

American Ship Building Company and Predecessors Records

Identifier: GLMS-0075
Abstract: The primary component of this collection is naval architectural drawings produced by the company, its predecessors, and subsidiaries. Post-1900 sets tend to be more complete than earlier sets of drawings. Nearly all types of wooden and steel vessels built on the Great Lakes between 1870 and 1981 are represented. The Center for Archival Collections holds many of the original drawings extending up to 1981. Other corporate records such as minutes, correspondence, specifications, reports, and...
Dates: 1867-1989

Ann Arbor Car Ferries Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0119
Scope and Contents: This collection mainly consists of research materials gathered by Grant Brown during the development of his book Ninety Years Crossing Lake Michigan: The History of the Ann Arbor Car Ferries. Materials include annual reports, legal documents, logbook excerpts, publications, photographs, notes, and articles. An extensive file of newspaper articles cover the history and operations of Ann Arbor Railroad Company (AARC) and Michigan Interstate Railway Company...
Dates: 1868-2015

Anthony Bocconcelli Collection/FitzSimons & Connell Dredge & Dock Company

Identifier: GLMS-0109
Abstract: Provides photographic documentation of many of the projects of the FitzSimons & Connell Dredge & Dock Co., 1911-1976. The collection includes photographic material (approximately 2700 images) as well as a minimal amount of motion picture film, transferred to DVD. It offers an excellent representation of the work environments of manual laborers, operating in varying weather and safety conditions, in the construction of significant structures, many of which still exist today. The...
Dates: 1911-1982

Arthur C. Frederickson Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0016
Abstract: The Arthur C. Frederickson Collection contains information dating from 1872 through 1969 pertaining to the history of various vessels on the Great Lakes and, in particular, Lake Michigan. Included in the collection are: daily logs, shipwreck logs, crew lists, correspondence, photographs, research notes, articles and other publications, speeches, and subject files. The Frederickson Collection is especially valuable because of his experience in saltwater, the Mississippi River, the Erie Canal,...
Dates: 1856-1969

Bay Port Fish Company Records

Identifier: GLMS-0019
Abstract: The papers and records of the Bay Port Fish Company and its subsidiaries, the Saginaw Bay Fish Company and the Lake Huron Fish Company provide sources of information concerning the fishing industry on the Great Lakes during the first half of the twentieth century. The collection is documents the activities and problems of commercial fishermen from the late Depression years (from 1936) through the 1960s, including the decline of commercial fishing in Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron in American...
Dates: 1883-1970; Majority of material found within 1932-1970

Bruce A. Terry Photograph Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0039

This 1 cubic foot collection is composed of approximately 1,880 35mm color photographic slides of Great Lakes vessels. Slides in this collection were taken by Bruce A. Terry, an amateur photographer. Photos were taken on Lakes Erie, Huron, and St. Clair and along the St. Marys, St. Clair, and Detroit Rivers from 1963-1977.

Dates: 1963-1977

C. Patrick Labadie Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0041
Abstract: This collection contains information on the operation of Great Lakes vessels from 1848 to 1980. Enrollment data for 40 vessels registered between 1848 and 1942 reflects efforts to standardize licensing procedures. Log books for the WILLIAM P. PALMER, the HENRY PHIPPS and other vessels record daily activities during voyages. Meeting minutes are present for the annual meeting of the Masters and Chief Engineers of the Pittsburgh Steamship Division of the United States Steel Corporation for 1956...
Dates: 1848-1980; Majority of material found within 1932-1977

Captain William C. McCorkell Correspondence

Identifier: MMS-0675
Scope and Contents:

Letters and notices to Captain William C. McCorkell, many dealing with appointments to various Great Lakes vessels as captains during shipping seasons with Wilson Marine Transit Company and Great Lakes Steamship Company.

Dates: 1941-1960

Charles T. Harvey Papers

Identifier: GLMS-0017
Abstract: The Charles Thompson Harvey Papers consist of the personal correspondence between Harvey and his wife, Sarah Van Eps Harvey spanning the years 1858 to 1872. Harvey was superintendent of construction and engineer for the St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal connecting Lake Superior and Lake Huron (1853-1855) and was responsible for the construction of an experimental section of the world's first elevated railroad (1868) located in New York City. The bulk of the correspondence deals with the 1858 to...
Dates: 1858-1872, n.d.; Majority of material found within 1858-1865

Chicago Ship Building Company Records

Identifier: GLMS-0001

The records of the Chicago Shipbuilding Co. span the years from 1890 to 1962 and document early twentieth-century shipbuilding on the Great Lakes. The bulk of the materials in the collection fall between 1900 and 1950. The most significant record series include dry dock ledgers and reports, legal and labor correspondence, South Yard surveys, financial records, and World War I shipbuilding activities.

Dates: 1832-1962; Majority of material found within 1900-1950

Clarence Holman Photograph Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0080
Scope and Contents: The collection is composed of several sets of photographs depicting sailing vessels on the Great Lakes. Box 1 contains photographs of the J.T. WING, which may have been the last commercial sailing schooner to operate on the Great Lakes. Holman served aboard the schooner fom 1935-1937 as an able seaman and captured these photographs during his service. These images provide ample documentation of everyday life aboard, as well as other vessels encountered during the J. T. WING's cargo runs...
Dates: 1935-2001

Clemons Family Papers

Identifier: GLMS-0121
Scope and Contents: This collection contains materials on the Clemons family of Ottawa County, Ohio. Several members were in the crew assigned to the Marblehead Lighthouse and Life-Saving Station circa 1880-1920;. Items in the collection cover 1880-1993. Correspondence (1893-1993), genealogy papers (1905-1988), newspaper clippings (1880-1992), and photographs (circa 1890-1975) are the main sets of materials present. The letters and postcards describe family subjects. The genealogy files trace the Clemons family...
Dates: 1890-1975

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company Records

Identifier: GLMS-0062

This collection contains files of the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company that are primarily concerned with discussions of extending the length of the navigation season occurring from 1935-1981. Subject files, log books, symposia papers, and news clippings offer a number of perspectives on the movement among shipping companies toward implementing longer navigation seasons. The logbooks are from the S.S. CADILLAC for 1944-1948, 1972-1973, and 1976-1981.

Dates: 1935-1981; Majority of material found within 1954-1979

Coastwise Trading Company Records

Identifier: GLMS-0064

This collection contains ship's records for vessels that served with the Coastwise Trading Company Fleet from 1913-1983. Records consist mainly of Captain's Logs and crew lists, while small numbers of other material such as Engine Room Log books are also present.

Dates: 1912-1983


Identifier: GLMS-0049
Scope and Contents: This two cubic foot collection documents daily activities on the COLONEL JAMES PICKANDS (US 225394) from 1952 to 1974. In 26 log books, the chief engineers and deck officers recorded daily events for each trip sailed in the shipping season lasating from April to December.Engineer's logs monitored engine performance and are found in 21 of the 26 volumes of this collection. Official logs in five volumes reflect the interests of the officers in consistently noting the speed of the...
Dates: 1950-1974

Columbia Transportation Company Records

Identifier: GLMS-0047
Scope and Contents: This one-half cubic foot collection provides information on the operation of the Columbia Transportation Company. Data on vessels and officers is available. A series on the annual meeting of vessel masters held in March provides material covering issues of interest to the captains working for the Columbia fleet in the years 1976-1979.Rosters for the Columbia vessels and the officers assigned to them appear for 1978 and 1980. Wage scales, accident reports, and company earnings...
Dates: 1961-1978; Majority of material found within 1976-1980

Craig Shipbuilding Company Records

Identifier: GLMS-0095

Collection documents business and personal elements in the life of Great Lakes shipbuilder John Craig. Includes 93 black and white photographs.

Dates: 1777-1990; Majority of material found within 1898-1918


Identifier: MMS-0457
Scope and Contents:

The log contains routine navigational and and trip information recorded. Information includes location, time, course, wind speed and direction, weather, distance traveled, engine revolutions, and notes.

Dates: 1958-1959

David Glick Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0081
Scope and Contents: This collection mainly consists of Glick's correspondence with other Great Lakes researchers regarding maritime history topics. Due to his extensive personal knowledge and network of other subject experts, Glick was regualrly consulted by researchers and institutions. For some time, he served as part of the editorial review committee for the Great Lakes Books Series at the Wayne State University Press. Several manuscripts and excerpts from proposals are present in the collection. Also...
Dates: 1957-2004

Delmar R. Webster Collection

Identifier: GLMS-0030
Scope and Contents: This collection contains material compiled by Captain Delmar R. Webster during his career on the Great Lakes. The largest series in the collection contains deck logs from the J. BURTON AYERS for 1945-1973. Records of the trips the AYERS made note ports of arrival and departure along with cargo and weather data. A log for loading information from the EDMUND FITZGERALD is also included for 1972-1973.Meeting information for the 1982 and 1983 conventions of Columbia Transportation...
Dates: 1945-1987

Detroit Vessel Passages Records

Identifier: GLMS-0122
Scope and Contents:

The collection is composed of fourteen volumes documenting commercial vessels traveling upbound and downbound in the Detroit River from 1973-1982. The volumes contain alternating lists of upbound and downbound travel. Information includes the date, vessel name, and time.

Dates: July 23, 1973-December 14, 1982