Aircheck Collection

 Collection – Box: 1
Identifier: MUSIC-034
Scope and Contents

Airchecks from disc jockeys and on-air personalities at radio stations from all over the United States on both cassette and open reel tape. Airchecks are demonostration or promotional materials deisgned to show off the prowess and skills of a radio personality; they generally contain segments of on-air speech, banter, or advertising breaks.

Dates: Creation: Majority of material found in 1970s-1980s

A.V. Shirk Rock and Folk-Rock Music in Ohio Collection

Identifier: MUSIC-027
Scope and Contents This collection consists predominantly of audio reels of folk and folk-rock music that were recorded by A.V. Shirk in the 1960s and 70s in the Columbus, Ohio area. Artists recorded include Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger who performed at The Ohio State University. Other recordings included are locally and nationally known folk musicians including Joan Gibbons, Frank Miller, Chuck White, Paul Gillingham, A.L. Lloyd, Danny O’Dea, Irv Shrager, Dave Suchman, Bart Singer, John Wynne, and others. Live...
Dates: Creation: 1960-1976

Barbara Lockard Zimmerman Papers

Identifier: MUSIC-001
Scope and Contents

The Papers contain material representative of Barbara Lockard Zimmerman's career during her time at Bowling Green State University. This includes documents and files, photographs, posters, programs, video recordings and scores. These materials document Zimmerman's involvement in Opera for Youth, the Black Swamp Players, a dinner theater series at the First United Methodist Church, and BGSU's College of Musical Arts.

Dates: Creation: Majority of material found within 1975 - 2000

Benjamin Reid collection of Phish concert recordings

Identifier: MUSIC-035
Scope and Contents This collection consists of cassette tapes of Phish concerts in various locations from 1984-1998, likely obtained by tape trading and swapping by the original collector. Since the tapes are from many different sources, the art on the cassette inserts is varied, as is the quality of the recordings. Most inserts contain set lists. Where known, performance venues are noted in the finding aid, as are set numbers, as well as the handful of performances by Bad Hat, a side project for several Phish...
Dates: Creation: 1984-1998

Bill Schurk Collection of Radio Shows

Identifier: MUSIC-060
Scope and Contents

Master audiotape reels containing recordings of Bill Schurk's radio show They Start the Victrola and Go Dancing Around The Floor which aired from late 1969 until January 1970. The program was broadcast on WBGU radio and advertised to other radio stations. The collection also includes Schurk's notes from his research for the show, some show scripts, and limited documentation of the show's marketing by WBGU.

Dates: Creation: 1969-10-21 - 1970-01-29

Bill Schurk Research Files

Identifier: MUSIC-061
Scope and Contents Research materials collected by Bill Schurk, former sound archivist, for class and conference presentations as well as publications. Materials mainly consist of lists of songs on particular topics, as well as research by other popular culture scholars on those topics. In addition there is a substantial documentation related to Schurk's numerical catalog of Ode Records, including a copy of the catalog, copies of release noticies and disc labels, and news articles related to Ode Records. Most...
Dates: Creation: Majority of material found within 1967 - 2016

Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts Concert and Recital Programs

Identifier: MUSIC-003
Scope and Contents

Programs from College of Musical Arts recitals, performances, lectures, and other events, including student and faculty performances, as well as those of guest artists and scholars. Though robust, the collection is not comprehensive and some performances may not be represented.

Dates: Publication: 1962 - 2018

Buck and Juanita Coulson Collection of Filk Material

Identifier: MUSIC-046
Scope and Contents Collection consists of audiotape masters for much of the Off Centaur label's catalog, including live and studio performances for releases beginning in 1980 and ending in the late 1980s, as well as many of the zines and songbooks published by Off Centaur. In addition to commercially-released material, some of the audiotapes also contain non-album tracks, alternate takes, and other material that was not released commercially. There is scant accompanying paper documentation for the reels,...
Dates: Creation: 1976-1990

Charley Wilcoxon Papers

Identifier: MUSIC-005
Scope and Contents

This collection contains original manuscripts for lesson plans, technical exercises, method books and original compositions from Charley Wilcoxon’s long career as a percussion pedagogue. Also included are drafts for several unpublished mallet instruction books, as well as Wilcoxon’s own arrangements of popular songs for marimba and vibraphone.

Dates: Creation: 1916 - 1975

Chas A. Arthur Papers

Identifier: MUSIC-069

Collection containing one piece of corrspondence between Chas Arthur and his brother as well as manuscripts for Arthur's songs and instrumental pieces written in the 1940s.

Dates: Creation: 1941-1945

Colbert Cartwright Collection of Bob Dylan Recordings and Research Files

Identifier: MUSIC-039

The Colbert Cartwright Collection of Bob Dylan Concert Recordings and Research Files is made up of articles and bootleg Bob Dylan recordings that Cartright compiled when writing two books and numerous articles about the performer.

Dates: Creation: Majority of material found in 1960-1996

Dave Meredith Collection of Radio Shows

Identifier: MUSIC-044

Audio reels of music and comedy radio shows, largely from the 1970s.

Dates: Broadcast: Majority of material found within 1973 - 1976

Ed Ramsey Detroit Jazz Scrapbooks

Identifier: MUSIC-015

The contents of the small autograph scrapbook include signed photos of musicians and letters. The oversize scrapbook contains material related to McKinney's New Cotton Pickers, a Detroit-based jazz band that formed in the early 1970s.

Dates: Creation: 1973-1981

Emil R. Pinta 78-rpm record, sheet music, and record-sleeve collection

Identifier: MUSIC-031

The Emil R. Pinta 78-rpm record, sheet music and record-sleeve collection contains unique combinations of 78-rpm records, matching-title sheet music, and—in most cases—approximate-period record sleeves. This collection consists of almost 230 such combinations acquired in over 55 years of collecting.

Dates: Creation: 1898-1950

Falcon Marching Band Films

Identifier: MUSIC-022
Scope and Contents

Films of the BGSU Falcon Marching band halftime shows and other performances created in the 1960s, 70s, and early 80s.

Dates: Creation: 1965 - 1980

Floyd "Candy" Johnson Collection

 Collection – Box: 1
Identifier: MUSIC-054
Scope and Contents

The collection contains scores and parts for various big band tunes, ostensibly used by Johnson when he taught jazz at Toledo public schools. There are a few manuscript parts for tunes that Johnson himself wrote, including "Candy's Mood", "Parrot Jump" and "Mood by Midnight". Also included are two “gig books” containing various instrumental parts, as well as a couple of pieces of correspondence with music publishers and other local band directors.

Dates: Creation: 1935 - 1972

Frank Waln Collection

Identifier: MUSIC-086
Scope and Contents Collection consists of audio files files for Frank Waln's solo discography, 2017-2022, including albums and singles, as well as digital album art. Taken together, the albums document the work of one Lakota creative and offer insight into intersectional, indigenous musical activism in the 2000s. The Bridge (album, 2017) Wokiksuye (stereo and live verions) (single, 2018) ...
Dates: Creation: 2017-2022

Grunat Collection of Live Concert Recordings

 Collection – Multiple Containers
Identifier: MUSIC-052
Scope and Contents

This collection contains live concert recordings of various artists from the 1950s to early 2000s, in multiple audio formats: CDs, Digital Audio Tapes (DATs), and cassettes. A majority of the collection is recordings of Bob Dylan and The Greatful Dead, but there is also a box dedicated to Jazz/Classical, and multiple boxes with miscellaneous artists, including Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and The Rolling Stones.

Dates: Creation: 1954-2005

Herman and the Hermits Fan Scrapbook

Identifier: MUSIC-012
Scope and Contents

Scrapbook containing clippings from 1960s teen magazines about Herman and the Hermits, also known as Herman’s Hermits. Most stories contain photos, and the bulk are black and white, though a few are in color. Most stories focus on the personalities, appearances, and charateristics of group members. Some newsclippings and photos have been removed or separated from the scrapbook. All items seem to be from the mid-1960s. 

Dates: Creation: 1960s

Jacqueline Deegan Papers

Identifier: MUSIC-030
Abstract The collection contains photographic material, about half of which is identified. The photos were taken by Deegan at concert venues in Ohio during the 1970s and early 80s, and include well-known artists such as Genesis, Devo, U2, and Pere Ubu - among many others. Deegan's diaries contain stories and musings about romance and love affairs; personal and professional goals; tarot card readings and dream journals; and notes on diet and health, often related to her diagnosis of Multiple...
Dates: Creation: 1966 - 2001

Jennifer Donaldson Milewski Collection of Filk Research Material

Identifier: MUSIC-029
Content Description

This collection contains material related to the genre of "filk", a music culture characterized by songwriting based on science fiction, fantasy and horror themes. The collection includes Jennifer Donaldson Milewski's field recordings, convention programs, filk songbooks, notes, thesis drafts, correspondence, and interviews. Of particular note are Milewski's interviews with big-name filkers such as Joey Shoji, Kathy Mar, Leslie Fish and Cynthia McQuillen.

Dates: Creation: 1979 - 1993

Dr. Jeremy Beck Collection of New Music Recordings

Identifier: MUSIC-045

Cassette tapes of new music performance from the 1980s and 1990s, collected by Dr. Jeremy Beck in New York City, New Haven, CT, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dates: Creation: 1980s-1990s

Dr. John H. Budd Jazz Autograph Scrapbook

Identifier: MUSIC-016
Scope and Contents

Scrapbook includes signed photographs and letters from big band and jazz artists, including Bill Challis, Wild Bill Davison, Norma Teagarden, Major Holley, Marty Napoleon, and others.

Dates: Creation: c. 1978-1991

Johnnie Ogle Lederhosen Band Collection

Identifier: MUSIC-040
Scope and Contents

Collection largely consists of scores of polkas and other dance music, as well as popular songs used by the Johnnie Ogle Lederhosen band in performances, possibly in the Santa Barbara, CA area. In addition there are song lists that hint at the group's repertoire, range, and performance habits. Of note are the few handwritten scores, likely composed or arranged by band members.

Dates: Creation: 1907-1987

Johnny Desmond Collection

Identifier: MUSIC-038
Scope and Contents Collection contains promotional documents, sheet music, and television scripts written by or about singing and television star Johnny Desmond. This small collection focuses largely on Desmond's pivot away from recording to work in television in the late 1950s. Of particular note are the drawings, scripts, and other information about the TV series that Desmond created in the late 1950s, which he intended to star in. None of the programs aired. While Desmond had some success in television and...
Dates: Creation: 1945 - 1959

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