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MS 1094 - Marian Niles Papers


The papers of Marian Niles consist of approximately .25 linear feet of genealogical materials, legal documents, and photographs centered on Marian Niles, a family friend of Virginia Uhlman Nader.

The material was part of the Virginia Uhlman Nader papers transferred to the Center for Archival Collections through the cooperation of Laurence C. Nader, on May 27, 2005, but it was determined to be of independent focus and was separated from the family collection. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection. Duplication may be permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. The register was prepared in May 2008 by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts.

Biographical Sketch

Marian Niles (1905-1979) was a family friend of Virginia Uhlman Nader. She was born on October 3, 1905 in Tiffin, Ohio, the daughter of Rushton D. and Grace Markley Niles. Marian lived in Perrysburg, Ohio, where she worked in a veterinarian's office and was a breeder of dogs and horses, particularly Afghan Hounds. It is possible she sold a dog or dogs to Frederick W. Uhlman. She never married and after her death on March 13, 1979 her photographs and other material came to Virginia Nader.

Scope and Content

The Marian Niles Papers consists of a small personal collection associated with the Niles and Stoner Families of Seneca County, Ohio and specifically the dog and horse breeding activities of Marian Niles. The limited material includes genealogical background, some property records, and information on dog and horse pedigrees, and family photographs.

Series Description


1941-1953, n.d.
Topical files with family genealogy, dog and horse pedigree information


Property deeds


Formal and informal photographs of various Niles family members as well as horses and dogs


Box 1

  1. Subject file - Niles genealogy, n.d.
  2. Subject file - Dog pedigrees, 1943-1949
  3. Subject file - Horse pedigrees, 1941-1949
  4. Legal - Marian Niles deeds, 1949-1953
  5. Photographs - Marian Niles, n.d.
  6. Photographs - Rushton D. Niles, n.d.
  7. Photographs - Charles C. Niles, n.d.
  8. Photographs - Ann Stoner Niles, n.d.
  9. Photographs - Miscellaneous, n.d.
  10. Photographs - Dogs, n.d.
  11. Photographs - Horses, n.d.