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MS 1003 - Stuller Family Papers (Bowling Green, Ohio)


The Stuller Family Papers consist of genealogical information, funeral memorial books with condolence cards, and photographs related to the family of Edward and Jennie (Walker) Stuller of Bowling Green, Ohio.

The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collections from the Wood County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society through the cooperation of Stephen Charter on October 8, 2004. Duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. The collection was processed and register prepared by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts in October 2004.

Biographical Sketch

The Stuller family papers center on the family of Edward and Jennie Stuller of Bowling Green, Ohio. Edward was born in Fostoria, Ohio in 1871 to Jacob and Sarah Stuller, but around 1881 they relocated to Bowling Green, where the family lived after that.

A mason by trade, Edward was active during the period when many of Bowling Green's buildings were constructed. In 1899 he was married to Jennie Walker (1882-1966), having one son, Leroy, born in 1900. Edward died in 1942. Leroy, who died in 1967, married Harriet Wilkins in 1931, but they had no children.

Scope and Content

The bulk of the Stuller Family papers provides a multigenerational look at the members of Edward and Jennie Stuller family. With genealogical information sheets the relationships to associated Walker, Grames, and Wilkins families are also provided, with many of the individuals also identified in loose family photographs.

Beyond the details on the family in particular, the collection also provides a visual glimpse of life in Bowling Green and the surrounding area during the early years of the 20th century. The photographs originally in a family photo album (removed for preservation purposes) show many typical rural activities such as keeping poultry, pigs, and selling home-grown peaches, probably while Edward and Jennie were living on Sand Ridge Road in Bowling Green.

Series Description


Printed genealogical information, both pedigree charts and family group sheets, compiled by unknown person centered on the family of Edward and Jennie Stuller


1966, 1967
Funeral memorial books, condolence cards, and other material related to Jennie Stuller and her son LeRoy Stuller


Circa 1880s-1960s
Loose family photographs (some with identification) of members of the Stuller family, with numerous unidentified photos removed from album that probably belonged to Edward and Jennie


Box 1


  1. Genealogical information sheets, 2004
  2. Funeral book for Jennie Stuller, 1966
  3. Condolence cards for Jennie Stuller, 1966
  4. Funeral book for Leroy Stuller, 1967
  5. Funeral book for Leroy Stuller, 1967
  6. Stuller family photographs (loose), circa 1880s-1960s
  7. Stuller family photographs (album), circa 1900-1940