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MS 45 - Dorothy Ringle Collection: Transcript (Leander Coe Diary)


Leander Coe Diary - 1864

January 1864

Sunday 3rd

Weather moderate was in the quarters most of the day

Monday 4th

Snow fell to about the depth of an inch[.] Wrote letter home to Call[.] Stewed a can of ceded Cherries

Tuesday 5th

Not very cold sun shone bright. Wrote a letter to Joe Burnsides. Chaplain gave me a Testament

Wednesday 6th

Weather the same. The company was ordered on picket last night. Drawed rations from the comp

Thursday 7th

Weather moderate. Hand is getting sore.

Friday 8th

Sore turns out to be a catarrh

Saturday 9th

Had my hand opened between the thumb and first finder [finger] by Seargt. Farris

Sunday 10th

Very nice day. Snow thawed considerable. Hand is much better.

Monday 11th

Hand still improving. Made out to scribble what is written since last Wednesday

Tuesday 12th

Was a splendid day. Company E. came from the railroad and joined the regiment. Had company drill this morning and rest this afternoon. Hand better.

Wednesday 13th

Cloudy but pleasant. Stewed the last of the dried pears. Hand is improving fast.

Thursday 14th

Two new recruits (G. Martin and Lonswag) joined our company.

Friday 15th

Weather warmer. Thawed considerable this afternoon. Hand still improving

Saturday 16th

Weather same as yesterday. Bought quart of molasses and made a fiddle box.

Sunday 17th

Chaplain delivered a lecture giving us some good advise.

Monday 18th

Warm and pleasant. Nothing of importance[.] John Wheaton went home. Captain came to his company last night.

Tuesday 19th

drizzled more or less all forenoon. Is considerable colder this evening

Wednesday 20th

Was a nice day. Was on campguard another new recruit (Leavy) came to the camp.

Thursday 21st

Weather the same. Went out on dress perad [parade]for the first time since my hand was sore.

Friday 22nd

Nice weather. Started on a scout up to Winchester about one o'clock. Went as far as Bunker Hill and stoped for the night.

Saturday 23rd

Started on our way at six o'clock in the morning. Got there at ten loaded the wood and returned.

Sunday 24th

Weather warm. Had dress parade. Our company escorted the colors to the regiment.

Monday 25th

Cleaned the streets in the forenoon and had batalion drill in the afternoon.

Tuesday 26th

Still warm and clear. Had company drill this morning and dress parade this evening. Got a letter from Call

Wednesday 27th

Had the same drills as yesterday.

Thursday 28th

Very warm. Had company drill in the afternoon. Scraped my fiddle down between times. Got a letter from Call.

Friday 29th

Weather same. Had company drill in the forenoon and dress parade in the evening. Our company escorted the colors out. Got a letter from Lavine.

Saturday 30th

Cloudy fixed for a review but none.

Sunday 31st

Drizzled some during the day. Fell out in line to receive Gen. Milroy who stoped to see his old troops when on his way to Washington.

February 1864

Monday 1st

Sprinkled some during the day was on picket but went to camp about ten. Roll regt. Went on a scout.

Tuesday Feb. 2nd/64

Pleasant day about eighty of us went to the depot at one o'clock to go after the regt. But had orders to go back to camp.

Wednesday 3rd

Windy and some colder. Wrote a letter to Call.

Thursday 4th

Warm and pleasant. Nothing of importance transpired today.

Friday 5th

Cloudy but pleasant again. Had orders to go to the regt. But did not get farther than the depot. Wrote a letter to Gen. Baker.

Saturday 6th

Weather some colder. Signed the payroll. Drawed five days rations for what was here of the company.

Sunday 7 1864

Windy and disagreable expected to be paid but was disappointed.

Monday 8th

Still windy. Lewis Slone cane to the company. Rec'd a letter from Call and one from J. F. Burnsides.

Tuesday 9th

Was a real spring day. Nate Conrad and I cut two loads of wood for the company.

Wednesday 10th

Weather some colder. Companies L., C., H.,G. and B., came to camp this morning. The remaining five Co came about noon.

Thursday 11th

Weather the same. Had a cartridge in the bean soup for dinner

Friday 12th

Got orders early this morning for the regt. to have the days rations ready to leave on a scout. Went to Winchester.

Saturday Feb. 13th 1864

Returned to Martinsburg[.] the scout consists of the 18th Conn., 3rd Pa. And the 123rd OVI. 12th Pa, 15th NY, 21st NY, 8th Va. Cav and part of two batteries. Got a letter from Olive Bringman.

Sunday 14th

Warm and springlike. Layed in the tents most of the time was pretty sore from the march was payed of[f] this afternoon.

Monday 15th

Snowed some this evening. Sent thirty five dollars home in John Dices care.

Tuesday Feb. 16th 1864

Ground was scarcely covered with snow this morning. Was very windy all day and is much colder this evening.

Wednesday 17th

Windy and very cold. Got a peck of cornmeal and had a good supper.

Thursday 18th

Weather more moderate than yesterday. Had another meal of corncakes for dinner.

Friday 19th

Clear and warm. Got a letter from Call.

Saturday 20th

Weather same as yesterday. Lieut. Leonard started home on a furlough last night. Wrote a letter to Call.

Sunday 21st

Clear in the morning but looks this evening as though there would be falling weather in a few days. Went on picket this morning.

Monday Feb. 22nd 1864

Very foggy and smoky. Came off picket this morning. Wrote a letter to O. Bringman

Tuesday 23rd

Windy but pleasant had company drill this morning (by G. Martin) and batallion this afternoon. Got a letter from G.T. Sneatly[?]

Wednesday 24th

Weather same as yesterday. Had company drill this forenoon. Our mess signed for the daily paper by the week. The boys got four harns [horns] from town to practice on.

Thursday 25th 1864

More or less cloudy all day. Sprinkled a little after dark this evening. Regiment got orders and went to Bunker Hill with three days rations. There to await further orders which came about five o'clock P. M. and was for us to go to camp. By the time we got within five miles of town it had clouded up and was so dark that one could not see his hand ten inches before his nose. Had considerable sport hunting each other.

Friday 26th

Very windy all day. Got a letter from Mother. Went to town for my watch but it was not done.

Saturday 27th

Companies went out and shot the loads out of their guns. Nate was real sick this evening.

Sunday 28th

Quite smoky all day. Nate is better. Had inspection this morning and dress parade in the evening.

Monday Feb. 28th/64

Clear but rather cool to be pleasant. Had general inspection and was mustered for pay. Wrote a letter to Gavin.

March 1864

Tuesday Mar 1st /64

Snow was about two inches deep this morning and it continued snowing all day but did not gain much in depth.

Wednesday 2nd

Snow fell last night to a depth of five inches. Went on picket this morning on the Winchester Road.

Thursday March 3rd 1864

Snow gradually melting away. Did not sleep a wink last night. Was relieved at nine this morning.

Friday 4th

Warm. Snow is narly all gone. Got my watch from town. Bought a ring with my name, Co., and regiment stamped on it.

Saturday 5th

Warm and pleasant. Paid for another weeks paper (daily).

Sunday 6th

Pleasant. Nothing of importance happened today.

Monday 7th

Eighteenth Conn. went to point of rocks. Companies A., I., and G., relieved the companies on provost duty. Made a floor in out tent and got a cat from the18th.

Tuesday 8th

Pleasant spring weather. Wrote a letter to Mother Company F was ordered to town to do provost duty. Lieut. Leonard came back from home on furlough.

Wednesday 9th 1864

Very warm. Co F was ordered back to the regiment. Was on camp duty. Cos A., I., and G., were also ordered back this afternoon.

Thursday 10th

Rained more or less all day. A detail of 10 men was made out of the regt. For provost guards for the day. Got a letter from Olive Bringman.

Friday 11th

Rained more or less all day. John Dice came back from home last night brought 22 boxes with him for the boys. All Rummel had a roast Turkee in one of them which we had for dinner today.

Saturday 12th

Cloudy with occasional shours. Wrote a letter to Jesse Sneath.

Sunday 13th

Cloudy with occasional shours. Went on picket this morning on Williams post road.

Monday 14th

Windy. Came off picket this morning. Had battalion drill this afternoon.

Tuesday March 15th 1864

Clear and cool. A chain picket was put around town this evening.

Wednesday 16th

Weather same as yesterday. Got a letter from Call. P.S. Taverday [?] 15th Major was ceranaded [serenaded] by the 34thMass. Brass Band and by our string band.

Thursday 17th

Weather warm. Nothing of importance happened today.

Friday 18th

Clear warm and windy. Was on camp duty.

Saturday March 19th 1864

Windy and cooler Was relieved from duty this morning. recd a letter from Jen Baker.

Sunday 20th

Weather same as yesterday. Chaplian spoke a few words to us and distributed some books.

Monday 21st

Still cool and windy. Colonel came to the regt on a visit on his way home on twenty days furlough. Made a speech at the depot.

Tuesday 22nd

Wrote a letter to Call and sent a list of our travels.

Wednesday March 23rd 1864

Weather same as yesterday. Went on picket this morning.

Thursday 24th

Same warmer than yesterday. Was relieved this morning. Had dress parade this evening.

Friday 25th

Cool with occasional shours and snow in the evening.

Saturday 26th

Windy and some warmer. Wrote a letter to Julia Shumaker.

Sunday March 27th 1864

Nice spring day. Wrote a letter to Jen Baker. Chaplain preached a short sermon.

Monday 28th

Got orders to be ready to move tomorrow morning. Companies A.,F.,K., and G., went to town to relieve the 94 men. At 4 p.m. all orders were countermanded and the com.s returned to camp. Wrote a letter to Call.

Tuesday 29th

Drizzled more or less all day. Went on picket this morning on [line blurred]

Wednesday 30th

Commenced snowing about 11 o'clock last night and continued till 8 in the morn. Was relieved about eleven A.M. Companies F., I., E., and B went to Harper's ferry this morning. Left watch to get fixed

Thursday 31st

Cool and cloudy. Went after my watch but it was not done.

April 1864

Friday April 1st

Rained some this evening. Went on duty hauling water. Went to Harper's Ferry this afternoon on cars and from there to Sandy hook. 1 mi trip[?]

Saturday April 2nd 1864

Rained all day. Stayed in quarters.,

Sunday 3rd

Was clear all day. Moved up on a hill but before we got our tents staked had to go on duty at Harper's fer

Monday 4th

Clear till this evening. Was relieved this morn. Put up the tents.

Tuesday 5th

Rained all last night and the greater part of today.

Wednesday 6th

Cloudy this morning but did not rain any. Went on picket this morning.

Thursday 7th

Clear and pleasant. Was relieved this morn. Washed a shirt. Samuel Martin came back from home this afternoon brought a box through containing several cans of fruit, a cake, and some dried apples for me.

Friday 8th

Clear and pleasant. Went fishing this morning but caught none. Opened one can of peaches for dinner. Were most delicious.,.

Saturday April 9th 1864

Rained all afternoon. Opened a can of Clarissa's tomatoes which wer Splendid.

Sunday 10th

Clear and pleasant. Was on guard duty in Sandyhook. Opened a can of Peaches for dinner.

Monday 11th

Rained some this evening. The railroad bridge at Harpersferry was broken last night by water and 12 cars went down the river. Wrote a letter to Clarissa Baker.

Tuesday 12th

Clear but rather cool. Wrote a letter to Gavine.

Wednesday 13th

Clear and pleasant. Was up on Maryland Heights. Had the capts Spyglass so had a fine view of the surrounding country.

Thursday 14th

Clear and cool. Got orders to march but was countermanded till tomorrow.

Friday 15th

Clear and some warmer. Moved our camp to Harpersferry on Bolliver Heights.

Saturday April 16th /64

Rained more or less all day. Got orders to move tomorrow at 7 O'clock.

Sunday 17th

Sprinkled some this morning. Was cool all day. Started for Martinsburg at about nine clock and camped within five miles of the place in the evening.

Monday 18th

Clear and pleasant. Struck[?] tents and arrived at Martinsburg about ten o'clock P.M.

Tuesday Apr. 18th[19th]

Clear but cool was on camp duty. Wrote a letter to Call and got one from Jen Baker.

Wednesday 20th

Weather same as yester[day] Had company drill this morning and Regimental this afternoon. Lieutenant Miller came to the com'y this afternoon.

Thursday 21st

Clear and cool. Had drill same as yesterday.

Friday 22nd

Same as yesterday.

Saturday April 23rd 1864

Clear and warm. Wrote a letter to Joe Burnside. Went on picket this evening on Charlestown road.

Sunday 24th

Cool and clear. Chaplain gave us a short discourse.

Monday 25th

Went on picket duty five miles out on the Winchester road to remain three days. Was called out on account of a little [illegible] but amounted to noth.

Tuesday 26th

Cool and some cloudy. Was in camp all day.

Wednesday 27th

Was on picket on a byroad leading to Charlestown.

Thursday 28th

Was relieved at twelve and then went to camp at Martinsburg.

Friday 29th

Marched to Bunkerhill with considerable force commanded by Siegle[?]

Saturday 30th

Clear and warm. Stayed at Bunkerhill.

May 1864

Sunday May 1st /64

Clear and warm. Marched to Winchester in force.

Monday 2nd

Had regimental inspec. Was inspected by Gen. Siegle[?]

Tuesday 3rd

Windy and cool. Had batalion drill in forenoon and afternoon.

Wednesday 4th

Drilled same as yesterday.

Thursday 5th

Co's F, D ,E, H, and G, went on picket to remain four day

Friday 6th

Was on duty on the fort last night. Relieved this morning.

Saturday 7th

Was at the rallying fort all last night and today.

Sunday 8th

Chaplain delivered a short discourse.

Monday 9th

Was on duty on the out fort last night. Was relieved this morning. The whole force moved up within three miles of Strasburg. The 123rd was rearguard supporting two pieces of Art'y [artillery]

Tuesday 10th

Remained in Strasburg.

Wednesday 11th

Marched up to Woodstock.

Thursday 12th

Remained there all day

Friday 13th

Still resting at Woodstock.

Saturday 14th

In the morning we [illegible] five miles then [illegible] three hours. Some of the other forces then came up and we moved on up the valley to within a short distance of New Market where we laid on our arms all night. Where in a cold rain here skirmishing with some heavy firing every few minutes.

Sunday 15th

We drew a few rations at breakfast and the pitched tents expecting to remain but no sooner was it done then the enemy opened their conan [cannon] on us and we were ordered to strike tents immedietly. We then fell back and formed line of battle near a large house but the forces of the enemy being so strong we were compelled to fall back leaving our worst wounded on the field. I was wounded while loading the fifth load after which I made my way to the reer as fast as possible arriving at Woodstock about three o'clock the next morning.

Monday 16th

Went as far as Strasburg where I remained that night. Had my arm bandaged.

Tuesday 17th

Came as far as Bunker Hill where I remained all night.

Wednesday 18th

Arrived at Martinsburg in the forenoon and took my dinner at and remained with Mr. Betson

Thursday 19th

Went to hospital Ward No. 2 where I remained until Monday.

Monday 23rd

Was transferred to field hospital on Union Hill where I remained.