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MS 989 - Gamma Sigma Alpha, National Greek Academic Honor Society


Gamma Sigma Alpha was founded to promote intellectual interaction between Greek students and the academic community. The purpose of the Society is to promote the advancement of education among Greeks; to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Greek students and organizations; and, to encourage excellence in scholarship. The Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society was formed at the University of Southern California in 1989. The national board was established the following year and the Society quickly grew to over 150 chapters in its first eleven years. During the past few years, it has added regional awards, graduate scholarships and the funding of graduate research to its many programs and services. Membership requirements are based on grade point average and active membership in a Greek fraternity or sorority recognized by the host University.

For more information on Gamma Sigma Alpha, please refer to their web site at:

The collection housed at the Center for Archival Collections includes administrative and subject files, printed materials and banners and posters. Also included are dissertations representing the Research Initiative established between Gamma Sigma Alpha and the Higher Education Administration Program at Bowling Green State University to study achievement in fraternity and sororities. The dissertations are available for research use but fall under usual copyright restrictions. The collection was donated in August 2003, with additional documents transferred on an annual basis. 


Box 1


  1. Background on Gamma Sigma Alpha from web site
  2. Constitutions and Bylaws, 1989-1990, 1998, 2009, 2010
  3. Ritual, 1989, 1992, 2009, 2011
  4. History, 1992, 2011
  5. Board rosters, 1993-2012
  6. Board minutes and agendas, December 1991-2012
  7. Year-end reports, 1991, 1994, 1996, 1998-2006, 2009-2012
  8. Information packets, 1989-2011
  9. Chapter rosters, 1993-2009
  10. Research Project (with Bowling Green State University), 2001-2006
  11. Literary Magazine-submissions, 1995-1997
  12. Publicity-brochures and press releases, 1990s, n.d.
  13. Forms
  14. Photographs, 1994, 2009, n.d. (many are not identified)
  15. Member Services Survey Responses, 2011
  16. Awards, 2009-2012

Box 2


  1. Dissertation: E. Eileen Smoke, “A Comparison of the Graduates and Non-Graduates Of the Class of 1951 at Indiana University,” June 1955
  2. Dissertation: John A. Wellington, “Factors Related to the Academic Success of Resident Freshman Men at a Midwestern Liberal Arts College During the Academic Year 1952-1953,” August 1955
  3. Dissertation: Charles L. Diener, “A Comparison of Over-Achieving and Under-Achieving Students at the University of Arkansas,” 1957
  4. James Conway Nelson, “Comparison of Members and Non-Members of Greek Letter Social Fraternities and Sororities at Virginia State College,” August 1959
  5. Dissertation: Sanford Ward Pridy, “Comparison of Certain Qualities of Fall “Rush” Week Participants at the University of Missouri, 1956-1959,” 1961
  6. Dissertation: Fred W. Bryson, “An Investigation of the Effects of Deferred Rush and Pledging on a Group of Freshmen at Southern Methodist University,” August 1964
  7. Dissertation: Ardyce Mary Grant, “Student Academic Performance as Influenced by On-Campus and Off-Campus Residence,” June 1968
  8. Dissertation: James Allen Rhodes, “Selected Factors Related to the Scholarship of Undergraduate Men Living in Fraternity Houses at the Pennsylvania State University,” 1968
  9. Dissertation: Paul Robert McQuilkin, “Differential Effects of Group Factors On Fraternity Pledge Class Allocation of Time and Academic Achievement,” 1969

Box 3


  1. Dissertation: Richard Allen Ridge, “Self-Actualization, Achievement and Other Factors as a Function of College Students in Selected Housing Settings,” 1969
  2. Dissertation: Ronald Homer Sherron, “A Study of Academic and Nonacademic Predictors and Criteria of Success Among the Morehead Scholars at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” 1969
  3. Dissertation: Charles George Eberly, “Critical Thinking, Attitudes and Values Associated with Fraternity Membership,” 1970
  4. Dissertation: Thomas Allan Marshall, “The Effects of Two Uniquely Different Motivational Approaches to a developmental Reading Program On University Academic Success of Selected Fraternity and Sorority Pledges,” 1972
  5. Dissertation: Kent Lee Gardner, “Academic Achievement of National Social Fraternity Pledges Compared to Non-Fraternity Students,” 1990
  6. Dissertation: Emily Young Lemley, “Effects of Selected Extracurricular Involvement on Persistence in a Church-Related University,” August 1990
  7. Dissertation: Clayton Nowlin Smith, “A Study of the Relationship Between Living Environment Press and Retention of Freshmen Pledges In Fraternities at Oregon State University,” 1990
  8. Dissertation: Robert Joseph Turek, Jr., “Undergraduate Student Retention In Higher Education, Adrian College-A Case Study,” 1992
  9. Dissertation: Mazin Said Marji, “The Interrelationship Between Key Demographic Variables, Involvement in Extracurricular Activities, Development of Interpersonal Values and Academic Achievement,” 1993

Box 4


  1. Dissertation: John J. McGuire, “The Effect of Deferring Fraternity and Sorority Rush Upon Scholastic Achievement, Satisfaction, and Quality And Quantity of Involvement Among Students at a Small, Private Liberal Arts University,” 1993
  2. Dissertation: Rebecca June Reed, “The Effects of Structured-Group Membership on the New Freshmen College Experience,” 1993
  3. Dissertation: Ike Gibson, “The Relationship Between Graduation and Selected Variables Among Community College Transfer Students At Mississippi State University,” 1995
  4. Dissertation: Gary G. Dickstein, “The Impact of Greek Affiliation on Academic Success During the Quarter Pledged at Wright State University,” 1998

Oversize Box

  1. Plaque, Regional Academic Excellence Award, Dickinson College,2003
  2. Two banners
  3. Three Posters, history, 1989-2008 and logos
  4. Pins (2)
  5. Graduation Cords, Fall 2011