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MS 779 - Burns B. Crookston Papers


Burns Ballantyne Crookston (1922-1975) was raised in Logan, Utah, and attended Utah State University, where he was an outstanding athlete as quarterback for the football team and an Intermountain Decathalon Champion. He continued his education earning a master’s degree in counseling and a doctorate in psychology and higher education from Teachers’ College, Columbia University. He was appointed Dean of Men at the University of Utah in 1954. From 1962 to 1971, he was employed at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, where he served in various positions from Associate Professor of Psychology and Professor of Education, to Dean of Students and Senior Associate for Planning and Development. In 1971, he joined the graduate faculty of the University of Connecticut as Professor of Higher Education with research interests in the area of the changing role of the Dean of Students. He contributed more than fifty articles to professional journals and books on topics ranging from academic advising, to drug abuse, campus unrest, and the use of third party intervention in conflict situations.

The Crookston Memorial Resource Collection was established by NASPA Region I and the University of Connecticut in 1977, to commemorate the Crookston spirit of lively debate, mutual challenge, and mutual support among professionals and students in higher education administration and student development education. Dr. Jane Fried, a former student of Crookston, served as collection coordinator and was instrumental in having the collection donated to the National Student Affairs Archives at Bowling Green State University. The collection is comprised of many of Crookston’s writings and publications as well as writings from other professionals in the field of higher education and student affairs.

Record Group

The collection is organized into two record groups: Administrative files (Box 1) and Publications (Boxes 1 through 4). The administrative files include biographical information on Crookston, files on the establishment of the collection, financial records, forms, and photographs taken at the time of the dedication. These files date from 1971 to 1983. The publication files are largely comprised of Crookston’s writings and presentations dating from 1960 to 1975. Also included are publications from other authors on subjects relating to Crookston’s research interests.


Box 1: Administrative Files/Publications

  1. Abstracts of articles in Crookston Collection (on cards) 1976
  2. Bibliographies/lists of Crookston writings and authors/titles in the collection, 1974-1980
  3. Biographical information on Burns Crookston 1971-1974
  4. Correspondence-about the collection 1977-1983
  5. Correspondence-to and from Crookston 1971-1975
  6. Dedication of the Crookston Collection-photographs 1977
  7. Financial records 1980-1981
  8. Request letters/forms 1978-1980
  9. History of the establishment of the Crookston Collection 1976-1981
  10. Ongoing research 1977-1979
  11. Pamphlets c. 1977
  12. Burns Crookston, and Willard Blaesser, “An Approach to Planned Change in a College Setting,” Personnel and Guidance Journal, March 1962
  13. Burns Crookston, “Implications of Drug Usage for Higher Education,” given as a presentation in 1968 and a Student Development Paper, Number 1, Colorado State University, 1969
  14. Burns Crookston, “Coping With Campus Disruption,” given as a presentation in 1969 and a Student Development Paper, Vol. I, No. 2, 1969-1970, Colorado State University
  15. Burns Crookston, “A Developmental View of Academic Advising as Teaching,” Student Development Paper, Vol. II, No. 2, 1970-1971, Colorado State University and Journal of College Student Personnel, January 1972
  16. Burns Crookston and Jan Carlson, “Third Party Mediation in Campus Disputes,” Student Development Paper, Vol. II, No. 4, 1970-1971, Colorado State University and Journal of College Student Personnel, November 1971
  17. Burns Crookston, “Professionalism and Professional Style in Student Personnel Work,” remarks at the West Virginia Council of Student Personnel Administrators, November 22, 1971
  18. Burns Crookston, “An Organizational Model for Student Development,” given as presentations and in NASPA Journal, Volume 10, No. 1, July 1972
  19. Burns Crookston, “New Organizational To Fulfill Human Development Goals,” presented at College Student Personnel Work Institute, February 1-2, 1973
  20. Burns Crookston, “Organizational Structure and Human Development,” presented at NASPA Conference, April 1973
  21. Burns Crookston, “Human Development and Effective Management Practices: Are They Compatible?” talk at NASPA regional conference, November 1973
  22. Burns Crookston, “Education for Human Development,” draft of chapter for forthcoming book, College Counseling and Human Development: A Handbook, Fall 1973
  23. Burns Crookston, “The Higher Callings of Democracy: An Essay on Changing American Values,” 1973
  24. Burns Crookston, “Student Development and Involvement in Governance,” Keynote address at Association of College Unions-International Conference, March 1974

Box 2: Publications

  1. Burns Crookston and Glenn Atkyns, “A Study of Student Affairs: The Principal Student Affairs Officer, the Functions, the Organization at American Colleges and Universities, 1967-1972, presented at NASPA Conference, April 15, 1974
  2. Burns Crookston, “Human Development and the Democratic Community,” Keynote address at Conference on Student Development, November 21-22, 1974
  3. Kent Banning and Burns Crookston, “The Student Franchise: Economy as an Ally of Student Development,” Februrary 22, 1975
  4. H. Jane Fried, Jackie Walter Anderson, Carolyn Palmer, Rick Bombaci, Rommy Lopat, Mark Weidenbaum, and Burns Crookston, “The Intentional Democratic Community: An Early Appraisal,” Program presentation at ACPA Convention, March 8, 1975
  5. Burns Crookston, “Milieu Management: An Emerging Key Role of the Principal Student Affairs Officer,” presentation at NASPA Conference, March 1975
  6. Burns Crookston, “Student Personnel-All Hail and Farewell,” Personnel and Guidance Journal, September 1976 (edited for article in memory and honor of Crookston)
  7. Burns Crookston, “The Intentional Democractic Community in College Residence Halls, Personnel and Guidance Journal, February 1974
  8. Burns Crookston, Glenn Atkyns, Joseph Franek, Jr., “Administration of Student Affairs at Community Colleges As Compared With Urban-Commuter Institutions,” Report submitted to Task Force on Urban Commuter Institutions, NASPA, February 1974
  9. Burns Crookston, “The Nomenclature Dilemma: Titles of Senior Student Affairs Officers at NASPA Institutions,” n.d.
  10. Burns Crookston, “A Survey of Campus Locations of Student Personnel Physical Facilities,” paper given at conference, April 4, 1961
  11. Burns Crookston, “Evaluating The Pre-School Orientation Program,” paper presented at annual meeting of the American Personnel and Guidance Association, April 1960.
  12. Burns Crookston, “Face in the Crowd,” paper presented at Association of College Unions conference, April 1961
  13. Burns Crookston, “Dimensions of Authority, Power and Leadership,” class lecture for Education 300-311, June 27, 1972
  14. Burns Crookston, “National vs. Local Autonomy,” The Educational Record, Summer 1964
  15. Burns Crookston, “Selectivity As A Factor In Fraternity Scholastic Achievement,” Personnel and Guidance Journal, December 1961
  16. Burns Crookston, “Academic Performance of Fraternity Pledges,” Journal of College Student Personnel, June 1960
  17. Burns Crookston, Richard Keist, C. Dean Miller, Allen Ivey, “A Study of Attitudes Concerning University Relationships With Students-Part One: Summary Report of Responses of Five Populations - Parents, Students, Student Leaders, Academic Faculty and Student Personnel Faculty,” Student Services Research Reports, Number 17, Colorado State University, October 1966
  18. Burns Crookston, “Comments on Clyde Parker’s Paper,” presented at ACPA Convention, 1970 (Parker’s Paper titled, “Student Personnel Work in the Future: A Reconceptualization”)
  19. Three Folders: Draft Manuscript for “A New Social Contract For America” by Burns B. Crookston

Box 3: Publications

  1. Report from EHTA 497 Seminar taught by Burns Crookston, “Developing a Team Concept Among Resident Assistants in the Towers Residential Area at the University of Connecticut,” May 6, 1975
  2. Frederick R. Brodzinski, “The Next Twenty Years: A Futuristics Examination of Student Affairs,” presented at NASPA Conference, 1977
  3. University of Connecticut, Alcohol Study Committee Report, January 1977
  4. James Doyle and Peter Powers, “A Survey of Drinking Behavior and Attitudes of Resident Undergraduate Students at the University of Connecticut,” June 1977
  5. Jane Fried, “An Intentional Democratic Community: Myth and Realities,” January 1976
  6. Jane Fried, “Images of the Future: Tomorrow Is Now,” March 1976
  7. Jane Fried,” From Student Affairs Administration to Student Development Education: New Skills, New Focus, New Priorities,” presented at NASPA Conference, Region 1, October 26, 1977
  8. Jane Fried, “It’s What You Don’t Know That Will Hurt You: The Politics of Higher Education,” presented at ACPA Convention, 1977
  9. J. Eugene Knott and David Drum, “Organization, Management, and Development in Student Affairs,” presented at ACPA Commission I Convention, March 5, 1975
  10. J. Eugene Knott, “Some Perspectives on Carts and Horses in Student Development,” presented at ACPA Convention, 1977
  11. Luis Perez-Cordero, “Community Development in the Fourth Floor of Tolland Hall,” project report for EHTA 300 taught by Burns Crookston, Fall Semester 1974
  12. Robert Young, “Moral Development: What, Why, and How,” presented at NASPA-Region I Conference, October 27, 1977
  13. Stephen Blane, “An Investigation of the Relationship Between Human Services Agencies and the Office of Residential Life at Ten Universities Toward The Improvement of the Quality of Residential Life,” sabbatical leave report, June 1978
  14. Raymond Palmer, Robert Atherley, Megan Thomas, University of Connecticut, “Career Planning for Seniors: A Joint Effort,” Journal of College Placement, Summer 1978
  15. Jan Carlson and Robert Hubbell,” The Future of College Student Discipline,” Student Development Papers, Vol. II, No. 1, 1970-1971, Colorado State University
  16. Robert Young, “Moral Management,” draft of presentation for Region I Conference, NASPA, n.d.
  17. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Student Affairs Research and Evaluation Office Reports, 1978
  18. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Student Affairs Research and Evaluation Office Reports, 1979
  19. Dennis Golden, “Thoughts For Friends: Reflections of Vice President for Student Services Entering the 1980s,” presented at NASPA Region I Conference, November 13, 1979
  20. Owen Houghton, Donald Schriefer and William Favreau, “From the Horse’s Mouth: A Research Model to Promote Student Development,” presented at NASPA Region I Conference, November 13, 1979
  21. Richard Rossi, “A Survey of the Legal Background Pertaining to College and University Resident Hall’s Residency Requirements,” report for Commission III, ACPA, December 1978
  22. Betty Roe, “Staff Liability in Residence Halls,” position paper for Commission III, ACPA, January 1979
  23. Sandra Westfall, “Privacy and Student Rooms,” paper for Commission III, ACPA, n.d.
  24. Carolyn Cridler-Smith, “Campus Disciplinary Procedures in Public Higher Education and Due Process,” class paper, December 1, 1978
  25. Jean Krall and Joline Morrison, “A Program To Facilitate Freshman Development,” presented at ACPA Convention, April 1980
  26. The Student Development and Counseling Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, “The Social Indicator Research and Community Action Student Report, 1978-1980, September 1980

Box 4: Publications

  1. Theodore Miller and Judith prince, “Tomorrow’s Higher Education Project,” (first draft), prepared as a result of THE Project Phase II Model Building Conference, June 4-8, 1974
  2. James Hurst, Richard Weigel, Weston Morrill and Frank Richardson, “Reorganizing for Human Development in Higher Education: Obstacles To Change,” papers presented at Rocky Mountain Psychological Association in 1970 and 1971
  3. Chris Browning and Jean Krall, “Addressing Sexuality Issues on Campus,” Student Development Conference, University of Connecticut, February 28-29, 1980
  4. Helen Jane Fried, “Creative Schizophrenia: Doing Student Development Education in Traditional Universities,” project report in partial fulfillment of PhD, November 1977
  5. Carolyn Cridler-Smith, “Survey of Academic Support Programs in Residence Halls, 1978-1979, Spring 1979
  6. Jane Fried, “Self-Image, Public Image and Professional Power: Expanding Student Development Education for the 1980s, presented at Student Development Conference, University of Connecticut, February 28-29, 1980
  7. Barry Lee Jackson, “Identification and Analysis of Activities Related to Developmental Tasks of College Students," dissertation, University of Georgia, 1975