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MS 157 - Robert J. Dodge Collection

The Robert J. Dodge Collection dates from 1887 to 1982. A major part of the collection was donated by the collector in 1980. The remainder was deposited with the Center for Archival Collections in 1982. In all, it totals approximately 4 1 / 2 linear feet. The collection includes correspondence, personal papers, literary productions, news clippings, maps, printed materials, and photographs focusing on Put-in-Bay, Ohio and South Bass Island during the 1950s.

Literary and property rights have been dedicated to the public and duplication is permitted for research and preservation purposes. This register was prepared in April 1983, by Rebecca A. Lentz, graduate student in history.


GLMS 39 - Bruce A. Terry Collection

The 1 cubic foot of material in this collection was donated to the HCGL by the Benzie Area Historical Museum of Benzonia, Michigan in 2006. Literary and property rights were donated to the public. Photocopying is permitted for purposes of conservation and research.

MMS 1030 - Carroll Lee Lanning

Vietnam War slides, Feb 1969-Feb 1970 Slides taken by a soldier with the Army Corps of Engineers during tour of duty in Vietnam (407 slides)


MMS 1031 - Fryberger Family

Photograph collection, 1884-1934 Family portrait collection (19 items)


MMS 1035 - Joseph J. Arpad

Video production slides : "Ohio oil and gas boom", 1984. Slides of historical photographs, from various sources, related to the petroleum industry in Ohio; many used in WBGU-TV documentary


MMS 1140 - Hulda Condon

Photograph collection, 1892-1943 Personal collection of a Lucas County, Ohio schoolteacher, includes class pictures and Condon family photographs (32 items)


MMS 1171 - Fish/Thorn Family

Photograph collection, circa 1875-1950 Family portrait collection, some with identification (120 items)


MMS 1181 - Carr Family

Photograph collection, circa 1880-1930 Family portrait collection, including members of related Avery and Hughes families, some with identification (39 items)


MMS 1187 - Toledo Zoological Gardens

Photo album, April 1934 Toledo, Ohio Construction photographs of the Monkey House and the Reptile House


MMS 1189 - Radeloff/Fahle Family

Photograph collection, circa 1870-1920 Family portrait collection, some with identification (15 items)


MMS 1190 - Stearns Family

Photograph collection, circa 1866-1920 Family portrait collection, some with identification (126 items)


MMS 1261 - Vistula Historic District Commission

Lucas County, Ohio Selected buildings in the Vistula Historic District, 1992. Architectural photographs by David Holman, includes identification sheet with street address. Negatives on file at the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission (100 items)


MMS 302 - Henry E. Sheffield

Photo album, circa 1906-1908 Ottawa County, Ohio Snapshot album with views of Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island


MMS 355 - James Kitz

Photograph collection, 1985 Lucas County, Ohio Negatives and contact sheets showing changes in the intersection of Sylvania, Lewis, Martha, and Phillips in Toledo, Ohio (66 items)


MMS 491 - Bertha Shirley (1882-1972)

Photograph collection, circa 1900-1920 Paulding County, Ohio Photographs of family activities and farm life in Paulding County, Ohio (49 items).


MMS 509 - Gladys Gangware Perry

Photo album, 1915-1916 Bowling Green, Ohio Snapshot album of life and activities of a student at Bowling Green Normal College.


MMS 890 - Daybrook Hydraulic Corporation (Bowling Green, Ohio)

Photograph collection 1939-1948, 1975 Photographs of Daybrook plant and operations in Bowling Green, Ohio, and Daybrook pontoon bridge-building equipment in use during World War II in Europe. 6 folders.

MMS 908 - Brill Family

Photograph collection, circa 1850-1940 Seneca County, Ohio Family photographs and agricultural scenes in Seneca County, Ohio (71 items)


MMS 918 - Port Clinton Scrapbook

Photographs, 1934-1951 Ottawa County, Ohio Snapshots by unidentified photographer of Port Clinton harbor and Port Clinton Yacht Club activities


MMS 948 - Dale Thiebaut

Photograph collection, circa 1890-1986 Northwest Ohio Copy negatives of Northwest Ohio activities, scenes, and industries, including Bigelow Family Band of Bowling Green and workers at the Lima Locomotive Works (45 items)


MMS 975 - F.W. Lawson Co. (Pittsburg, Pa.)

Photo album, 1922 Portfolio pictures of flag and bunting company projects including buildings in Toledo and Dayton, Ohio


MS 1051 - Henry ZumFelde Photograph Collection

The Henry ZumFelde Photograph Collection consists of approximately .3 linear feet of copy prints, documenting activities of the ZumFelde, Oberhaus, and related families of Fulton and Henry Counties, Ohio, from the 1890s to the 1970s.

The collection was loaned for duplication by Henry ZumFelde in 2007. This register was prepared by Stephen Badenhop, Assistant Archivist, Center for Archival Collections, July 2008. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and research.


MS 1065 - Yvonne Slyker Cave Photograph Collection

The personal photographs of Yvonne (Slyker) Cave consist of approximately .25 linear ft. of snapshots, including many taken during her years as a student at Bowling Green State University between 1945 and her graduation with the Class of 1948.

The collection was transferred to the Center for Archival Collections in July 2007 through the cooperation of Jerry Elenz, of Michigan City, Indiana, a family friend. There are no restrictions on the research use of this collection and duplication is permitted for research purposes. The finding aid was completed July 2007 by Marilyn Levinson, Curator of Manuscripts.

MS 1067 - Paul Willis Jones Papers

The Paul Willis Jones Papers consists of 3 linear feet of correspondence, genealogical subject files, project subject files, literary materials, printed materials, and photographs related to the life and activities of Bowling Green Daily Sentinel-Tribune Editor Paul W. Jones. The collection was donated to the Center for Archival Collection through the cooperation of Maurine Hasseltine Jones in May 2005. No restrictions exist on the use of this collection and duplication is permitted for the purposes of preservation and research. The register was completed by Stephen W. Badenhop, Archival Assistant, in July 2008.  The Ohio postcard segment of the collection was added in 2014 and the finding aid updates completed by Eric Honneffer.